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Fast Plumbing has been serving the Austin, TX area as an Austin Master Plumber for years. Call us today at (512) 928-0378 to set up an appointment for you FREE estimate! We service Residential, Commercial and Industrial plumbing accounts in Austin, Texas. Fast Plumbing is a locally owned & operated Licensed and Insured Austin Plumbing Contractor. We want You to be our next Satisfied Client! Please call us TODAY at (512) 928-0378! We offer 24/7 Emergency Services. References Available. Please Ask! All Work Guaranteed.

Is your toilet on the fritz? Did your bathtub just fill up with brown water? Is your sink leaking? Has your husband destroyed whatever is under the kitchen sink to save a few bucks? Don’t delay another second. Call us now for a FREE estimate at (512) 928-0378. Dont delay! Schedule your appointment right away!

What you need is a great and professional plumber to save the day. We provide the highest quality repair work and customer service. We don’t mess around. We don’t want to have to come back and fix it again any more than you want to see us back. We are courteous and caring when we come into your home. We recognize the privilege of being trusted enough to invade your privacy and work on your home. That is why we take your comfort very seriously. So don’t waste another minute. Get on the phone with us right away! Let’s set up an appointment today!

Plumbing problems can be a nightmare. They can ruin everything. Cold showers. Dirty water all over the bathroom floor. But everybody deals with a plumbing fiasco sooner or later. Everyone’s kid flushes a toy down the drain eventually. But not everyone feels like getting a phD in plumbing arts. That’s our job. We have loaded up on experience and are ready to solve all of your plumbing problems. You won’t regret working with us. We are ready to assist you at the drop of a hat. Our prices are fair. We don’t play games. We put honesty and integrity as the highest priority next to impeccable customer service. Call (512) 928-0378 NOW and we will come out to estimate the cost of  your plumbing repairs for FREE!

We’re sorry your having this trouble right now. But we assure you that we can handle it. We will get you fixed up in a jiffy and back on the laundry train. Yes, we are sort of superheroes. Also, we wear belts and keep our waistline up on our hips. You’re sorry now, but call us NOW and you won’t be anymore.

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Wonderful, Professional Service
Lee came out the day that I called and had the problem diagnosed. His approach was much more logical and cost-effective than the other plumbers I had look at it. He was professional, explained the whole process to me, and even sent me pictures at work to show me his progress. I was very satisfied with the results. This is the first company I’ll call with future plumbing needs.

Ken Talley, January 1, 2013

Great job!
The service was fast, professional, & reasonably priced! They also gave us several tips for keeping everything working well! We’re very happy!

Jennifer Arthur, July 8, 2012

Very Professional
Review Fast Plumbing. Fast Plumbing, was just like there name, Fast and very through. They were very professional, they repaired the plumbing and cleared the sewer lines In less than 45 minutes. We will use them…

Michael S. Michael S., June 28, 2012

Above and beyond
Lee and his son came to my house to reroute some plumbing. They were quick, knowledgeable and friendly (even to my small attack dog). They helped with a little construction work to mount a sink to the wall which is above and beyond. I had gotten other estimates, but their price was much better. I would highly recommend them for your plumbing needs

Mike Harmel, June 19, 2012

same daycalled and he came out the same day, was very nice and did his work fast and professionally. Like all plumbers, the rates can always be better but compared to those I’ve used in the past he seemed reasonable. Nice man and seemed very honest.

M k. m k., June 15, 2012

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